Valid State Issued identification is required to purchase a firearm.

Minimum Age to purchase is 18 for shotgun or rifle. Must be 21 or older to purchase a handgun or pistol grip shotgun.

Must Successfully pass FBI NICS background check (w/o Texas LTC or CHL, see below): Most background checks are “proceeded” instantly, but there is a possibility of being “delayed” up to 3- business days; If delayed, we will contact you the minute it has proceeded; If you’ve ever been delayed in the past, background checks will typically always get delayed; In the event, you are delayed, be prepared to wait for legal clearance. Otherwise, please do not purchase a firearm. Valid Texas Issued CHL / LTC will exempt FBI NICS background checks on firearms purchases.

ATF Form 4473 (Over-the-Counter Firearms Transaction Record) must be filled out every time you purchase a firearm, even with a Texas CHL / LTC: Sorry, we are not allowed to simply “keep them on file”, adding new gun purchases to old forms, Form 4473 paperwork helps to ensure prohibited persons (i.e. convicted felons) don’t acquire firearms and is not gun registration, which is only performed at the state level; TEXAS IS NOT a state that requires firearms registration. Rifles or Shotguns may be sold to out of state residents, provided all laws concerning the sale or possession of that firearm are maintained in that jurisdiction.

By Federal Law handguns sold over the counter at Champion Arms must be to Texas residents only– For out of state residents, handguns must be shipped to your local FFL dealer for legal transfer; Similarly, some states (not Texas) require all long guns to be shipped back to local FFL’s for legal transfer.